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Duplicate Meetings and Appointments on my Blackberry Tour Calendar

During our trial of Blackberry Enterprise Server, I had my Blackberry Tour activated for enterprise so I could sync my work email and calendar. Once the trial was up, we decided to go ahead with the project but wanted to start with Blackberry Profession Server first because we didn’t have enough users to warrant needing the full BES.

After uninstalling the trial of BES and installing BPS, I reactivated my Tour and ended up with two calendars on my blackberry. I had a “device default” calendar and a “desktop” calendar.

One common solution to this problem is to remove the duplicate CICAL service book. In my case, because my duplicate calendar was from a secondary enterprise activation, I only had one CICAL service book, and it was the one I wanted to keep.

I came across an unlikely (to me, anyway) solution. KB19240 on blackbery.com.

How to merge multiple calendars into one calendar on the BlackBerry smartphone
Warning: This command will irreversibly move the calendar entries to one calendar. Please back up the BlackBerry smartphone prior to doing this.
If calendar entries exist on a Device Default calendar, complete the following steps:

1. Open the Calendar.
2. Press the menu key.
3. Choose Options
4. Type MOVE on the keypad.
5. You will be asked to move all appointments in the base system calendar. Choose YES to accept moving all entries in the Device Default calendar to the default active calendar.
6. Perform a hard reset of the BlackBerry smartphone by taking the battery out while the BlackBerry smartphone is still powered on and placing it back in.

Not only did this take my duplicate meetings that showed up in both calendars into just one meeting on my default calendar, but it actually removed my unused calendar (“device default”) once the operation was finished.

Finally! Just one calendar!

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