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How to install a hybrid Blackberry OS

As one who likes to tinker with technology, I got tired of waiting for an official Verizon approved 5.0 release for my Blackberry Tour 9630. Instead, I loaded up a 5.0 release from another carrier. You can find these releases all over the inter webs, but you can go here if you need some help.

As it turns out, I encountered a bug in I loved 5.0 so much I didn’t want to go back, so I decided I’d try a hybrid OS.

A hybrid OS the result of combining the “best” parts of OS leaks into an “ultimate” OS. When an OS for your device gets leaked, sometimes they have problems (like my SMS bug) but other parts of it might be rock solid. Hybrid OS makers might take the radio component of one OS, the SMS part of another, and the browser of yet another, and combine them into what is known as a hybrid OS. The guys over at BBHybrids.net have a ton more information if you’d like to know more.

Here was my experience.


#1) Backup. Backup. Backup.

Load up desktop manager and backup your device settings.

Then backup your 3rd party applications.

Then backup your 3rd party applications using BBSAK just in case.

#2) Install the base OS.

I started with on my 9630, so I already had that OS installed on my computer. Once installed on your computer, the OS files get save to the Program Files folder under

%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\<OS Version>

I’m using Windows 7 x64; non-x64 users would use %ProgramFiles% instead.

#3) Install the Hybrid OS

Download and install the hybrid OS for your particular device. On my 9630 Tour, I chose to install Driphter’s 9630 Dv6 hybrid. Install the hybrid “over” the base OS (.419 in this case). When prompted for an installation folder, choose the <OS Version> folder specified in step #2.

Hybrid Installation

#4) Wipe Your Device

Connect your Blackberry to your computer and start up BBSAK. On the ‘Backup/Restore’ tab, click the ‘Wipe Device’ button. Your screen might flash a bit and should eventually reboot. Let that happen. I also did a battery pull after this was done for good measure.

#5) Optional: Shrink an Operating System

This application, Shrink an Operating System, was bundled with the hybrid I installed and ran automatically after installing the hybrid OS. This application allows you to remove components of the OS that you don’t want installed. It’s a great way to save valuable space on your device.

Once you’ve checked off all the components you want to remove, click the ‘Shrink My OS! button.

When you’re done (whether or not you removed anything), click the ‘Launch Loader’ button to start loading the hybrid OS.


#6) Register the Device

Once the OS has finished loading and the device has rebooted, I ran a few tasks to get the phone registered back on the Verizon network.

– On the Blackberry, go to Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table, hit the menu key and choose ‘Register Now’

– Then I dialed *228 and chose option 1

– Then I dialed *228 and chose option 2

– Then a battery pull

#7) Restore Settings and Apps

From here, I connected my Blackberry and ran BBSAK. I then loaded all the .cods from the backup file. (You’re supposed to just be able to click ‘restore’, but for some reason that didn’t work for me even though it said it completed). Another battery pull.

Then I restored my settings from the Desktop Manager backup.

#8) Keep Pulling that Battery

For reasons I don’t fully understand yet, it’s generally recommended that you do at least 4-5 battery pulls within the first 3-4 hours. A physical battery pull is recommended over a soft reset (the kind of reboots you get when you use software like QuickPull, for example). You can read more why here.

And that’s it – that’s how I loaded my first hybrid. I’ve since loaded newer versions and it gets easier and easier.


Latest Official & Leaked Blackberry OS’s

Hybrid OS’s

Driphter 9630 Dv6

Blackberry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK)

Blackberry Desktop Manager

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  1. Phil
    February 26, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    Thanks a lot for this! Wasn’t sure how to proceed! Again a big thank you!

  2. Kary
    September 22, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    Thank you sooo much!!! it helped alot! i was sooo nervous, but excited to see what willyboy has to offer. And i love it!! Thanks to you, i calmed down and had fun with it.

  3. azwan
    July 5, 2012 at 12:50 am

    how can i download hybrid os? the link was given cant download anything

    • dvation
      September 10, 2012 at 11:17 am

      Unfortunately, the group that ran the community of custom Blackberry Operating Systems has shut down. I no longer use Blackberry devices myself and cannot recommend an alternative. You may want to try here: http://forums.crackberry.com/hybrid-os-f224/
      Good luck to you.

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