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HTC Thunderbolt Root Problems

Yay! I upgraded my Droid X to the Thunderbolt this week and rooted the thing as soon as team AndIRC put out the instructions (found here: http://www.androidpolice.com/2011/03/19/exclusive-how-to-root-the-htc-thunderbolt-and-unlock-its-bootloader/)

I did have a few problems getting it rooted the first time around, so here’s a few notes in case you get stuck as well.

  • “Now the shell should display “$” – your’s says “#”In this case, I was trying the steps based on a previous problem I had and didn’t reboot first. After rebooting the phone, I was able to proceed as directed in the instructions.
  • “Here you will rename the downgrade RUU as PG05IMG.zip and place it on your SD card. Then, run the following command:”
    The first time around, I downloaded the wrong RUU. You need to download the RUU_Mecha_VERIZON_WWE_1.03.605.10_Radio_1.02.00.0103_2r_NV_8k_1.37_9k_1.52_release_165253_signed.zip, copy it to the root of your sdcard then rename it to PG05IMG.zip before flashing
  • “Push wpthis, busybox, and psnueter.”
    I had problems getting adb working on this step. I forgot I had to turn USB Debugging back on because we just flashed a new RUU.
  • Random ADB errors
    “adb server didn’t ACK”, “failed to start daemon” etcRestart ADB by typing adb kill-server and try again
  • No root after completing all steps
    I had to reboot – twice – before apps like Titanium Backup could request root access appropriately
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