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Slow SharePoint (MOSS 2007) Windows Explorer View using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

October 6, 2009 17 comments

Ever since installing Windows 7, it was excruciatingly painful waiting for the “Open With Windows Explorer” view to work with SharePoint. Click-throughs, renames, file copies and any other operation in this view took 50x’s longer than it did in Vista.

I found a fix that was relatively simple, though I don’t really have an explaination.

  1. In IE8, go to Tools > Internet Options
  2. Click the Connections tab, then the LAN Settings button
  3. If Automatically detect settings is checked, uncheck it
  4. Reboot

A word of warning – I had multiple windows and applications open while I tried this operation and it slowly locked up the system to the point I couldn’t close windows, reboot or even bring up task manager. This happened on another machine I was using as well. Consider performing this operation and rebooting immediately.

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